Devious Inc
Jimmy Rider
Monique Jenkinson
Ms. Big Stuff
Michael Soldier
Meg O'Connor
Stefanie Hornby
Sr. Agnes 
Debbie Rakotomalala
Justin Justin Whitney
Sarah Rose Thomas
Kenshi Westover
Pollo Del Mar
Laytecks Twin
BeBe Sweetbriar
Laytecks Twin
L Ron Hubby
Mint Tulip
Kegel Kater
 Cast in Order of Appearance
A Long Time Ago
Grandpa Zeke
Jason Williams
Ron Everett (age 12)   Jazon Blansher
Everett Kids   Zen Williams
Mychael Mann
Sofia Vittoria Fields
Julianna Lai
Austin Lai
Present Day
Ron Everett   Jimmy Rider
Narrator   Michael Soldier
Everett Kids   Rock Williams
Andrew Bradshaw
Sean Calimlim
Papa Everett   Mark Shephard
Mama Everett
Sally McLeod
Everett Family
Christen McClelland
Lito Calimlim
Darlene Calimlim
Aaron Calimlim
Sandra White
Cher Nobyl
Phillip Evans
Cooper Simpkins
Nicolas Lai
New Cityville
Diane Rinella
Ranae Michelle Hanks
Shelah Barr
Pedestrians   Christa Hill
Andrew Zivic
Justin Green
Hooper (Dog)
Shoe Store Staff
Manager: Jesus   Nolan Mecham
Lupita   Meg O'Connor
Showgirl Trixxie Trixxie Carr
Artist Digant Digant Kasundra
Ski Bum   Jeromey Shafer
Shoe Store Customers
    The Devil-Ettes
Jody Handley
Kristin Goldsmith
Shona Mitchell
Maggie Kelley Connard
Jamie Pickard
Bitch   Monique Jenkinson
Bitch's Minions   The Devil-Ettes
Laureen Briggs
Kerry Zobel
Devi Buchmiller-Luna
Radio Newscaster   Michael Duca
Ms. Bigstuff Employees
Hope Itgowzup   Brian Sanderson/ Fruitbomb
Barbi Bustimi   Cookie Dough
Kamera Ho   Sandra O. Noshi-Di'n't
Ursula Manfrey   Kim Burly/Cody Caronna
Laytecks Twin/Lola   BeBe Sweetbriar
Laytecks Twin/Lily   L. Ron Hubby
Nsa Ntuk
Ms Bigstuff
Michael Soldier
Ms Bigstuff’s Lackey
Callum Keith King
Nail Technician   Niki Khanna
The Search
Sister Agnes   Debbie Rakotomalala
Nuns   Sister Atrocity
Sister Ferocity
Rosalinda MonPepperoni   Stefanie Hornby
Rosalinda’s Husband   Chad Saxelid
Chet       Justin Whitney
Steve the Bunny   Daisy
Serena   Sarah Rose Thomas
Bus Driver Brett Brett Sharenow
Bag Lady   Barbara Jue
Fashionista   Unique Hildreth
Business Man   Romanus Romanus Wolter
The Contest
Contest Announcer   Mark Shepard
Shabadoo Moncreif Shabadoo Eric Holter
Vainan Tite   Anjie Myma
Galactigogo        Diane Rinella
Santa   Joe Pierce
Bang Cocks   Cher Nobyl
Conner Habib
Kinky Commandoes   Cher Nobyl
Conner Habib
Kinky Commandoes Victim   Michael Soldier
Bathories   Ranae Michelle Hanks
Arlene Del Orbe
Bathories’ Victim Goldie Goldie Chan
Booty Buccaneers   Cher Nobyl
Conner Habib
Sumo   Sean “Goofy” Patton
Intermission Act Goldie

Suzanne Ramsey
as Kitten on the Keys

Macrohard Executives
Sashimi’s Client Jeremiah Jeremiah Turner
Rosalinda’s Client   Gavin Lustre
Mint Tulip’s Client  

Todd Royal Minson

Chet’s Client   Steve Byrne
Laytecks Twin’s Client   Michael Duca
Serena’s Client Mark

Mark Roman

Hellvetica’s Client Steve Budd Steve Budd
Sister Agnes’ Client Don Don Schwartz
Kissing Woman   S. Carol Forward

Steve Potts

    Devon Hood
Art Stoll
Bert van Aalsburg

TV Dream Sequence

Mop Lady   Tarisai Garande
Talk Show Host   Steve Byrne
Candidate Sharon Sharon Huff
Bitch's Security
Head of Security   Marc Alexander
Security   Brett Sharenow
Limo Driver   Hossam Albazian

Back on the farm

Farm Kid    Zen Williams
Hella Fresh Films Presents
In Association with Scary Cow Productions
Devious, Inc.

The producers would like to thank
Jager McConnell
Alex Winter
Joshua Grannell
Peaches Christ
Good Vibrations
San Francisco LGBT Community Center
The Queer Ballroom
Mama Calizo’s Voice factory
Temple Nightclub
Paul Hemming
De La Sole Shoe Store
Joe Costa
Barry Schmell
Catherine Hogan
The Calimlim Family
Nikki Khanna
Cynthia Long
Pericles Coulouthros
Dave Peterson
Aidan Fraser
Todd Royal Minson
Devon Hood
Ben Preston
Dorian Maras
Paul Gabriel
Petra Janopaul
Steven Armsey
Laura Constantino
Brian Benson
Mathew Riutta
Suzanne Connolly
Ian Williams
Giovanny Blanco
Marlon Singleton

Monique Jenkinson’s special costume thanks to
Mr. David , Stormy Leather & Moral Minority, Inc.
and to Vinsantos and Veronica Klaus for your generosity.

Suzanne Ramsey’s special costume thanks to
Mr. David

All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. If you do know anyone that resembles any of our characters, then we would like to meet them.

Devious, Inc.
In Association with Scary Cow Productions
A Hella Fresh Films Production
Devious, inc. copyright 2010

Directed by xuxE
Screenplay by Kia Resnick
Bryan Snowden
Story and Lyrics by xuxE
Produced by Samantha Sullivan
Romanus Wolter
Music By xuxE
Director of Photography Tom Krymkowski
Executive Producers

Samantha Sullivan
Steve Byrne

Edited By Brian Doom
Production Design Samantha Sullivan
Associate Producers Monique Jenkinson
Debbie Rakotomalala
Michael Soldier
First Assistant Director Romanus Wolter
Post Production Supervisor Tom Krymkowski
Supervising Sound Editor Jeromey Shafer
Camera “A” Samir Sinha
Camera “B” Tom Krymkowski
Brian Doom
Camera Assistant Tarisai Garande
Continuity Arlene Del Orbe
Production Sound Michael Schrecker
Todd Dubnicoff
Ken Gulley
Jeromey Shafer
Chief Lighting Rich Wells
Key Grip Brian Doom
Grip Charlie Panian
Production Assistant Cher Nobyl
Story Board and Original Artwork Kenshi Westover
Graphic Design Conrad Cimarra
Set Builder Ken Gulley
Arouse-O-meter Design Kate Richards
Choreography Tina Banchero
Richelle Donigan
Titles Brian Doom
Vfx graphic artist Diane Rinella
Visual FX Artists Sergey Berezin
Brian Doom
David Davis
John Pilgrim
Drew Stephens
Animators Neel Eargood
Ken Gulley
Drew Stephens
Kenshi Westover
Colorist John Pilgrim
Web site Drew Stephens To download a PDF of the cast list click here.
ADR Engineers Jeromey Shafer
Foley Kyle Copeland
Jeromey Shafer
Sterling Somes
Sound Editing Michael Schrecker
Jeromey Shafer
Noah Southall
Re-Recording Mixer James Lebrecht  
Mix studio Berkeley Sound Artists  
Glam Squad  
Key Hair/Make-up Christen McClelland  
Specialty Wigs Ric Ray  
Bitch’s Make-up/ wardrobe Monique Jenkinson  
Bitch’s Hats/Magic Shoes Ric Ray  
Ron’s transformation Make-up Michael Soldier  
Ms. Bigstuff Make-up/ Wardrobe Michael Soldier  
Hope’s Hair/Make-up/Wardrobe Brian Sanderson/ Fruitbomb  
Barbi’s Hair/Make-up/Wardrobe Eddie Bell  
Kamera’s Hair/Make-up/Wardrobe Sandra O. Noshi-Di'n't  
Ursula’s Hair/Make-up/Wardrobe Kim Burly/Cody Caronna  
Lola’s Make-up/wardrobe BeBe Sweetbriar  
Lily’s Make-up/Wardrobe L. Ron Hubby  
Sashimi ’s Make-up/Wardrobe Kenshi Westover  
Hellvetica’s Make-up/Wardrobe Paul E. Pratt  
Mint Tulip’s Wig/Make-up/Wardrobe Kegel Kater  
Nail tech’s Hair/Make-up/Wardrobe Niki Khanna  
Kitten On The Key’s Hair/Make-up Suzanne Ramsey  
Shabadoo’s Wig/Wardrobe Ric Ray  
Vainan Tite’s Wig/Make-up/Wardrobe Jeremiah Broom  
Galactigogo’s Hair/Make-up/Wardrobe Diane Rinella  
Customer’s Hair/Make-up/Wardrobe The Devil-Ettes  
Minion’s Hair/Make-up/Wardrobe The Devil-Ettes  
Original Score/music Production Jaswho?  
Recording Studio Soulmine Records  

"Farm Freakout"
Written by xuxE
Performed by Giovanny Blanco and Jaswho?
Produced and Mixed by Jaswho?
Courtesy of Soulmine Records

“Down on the Farm”
"Shoe Blend" 
"Step One"
Written and Performed by xuxE
Produced and Mixed by Jaswho? 
Courtesy of Soulmine Records 

"Ms. Big Stuff"" 
Written and Performed by xuxE
Additional vocals by Maya Songbird, Samantha Sullivan,
BeBe Sweetbriar and Sonia Whittle
Produced and Mixed by Jaswho? 
Courtesy of Soulmine Records 

"Marrano Beach" 
Performed by Viva Malpache
From the Album Venganza de Rock and Roll 
Courtesy of Supermercado23 Records 

"Ballroom Bliss" 
Written by xuxE and Jaswho? 
Performed by Giovanny Blanco and Jaswho? 
Produced and Mixed by Jaswho? 
Courtesy of Soulmine Records

Written by Jaswho?
Performed by Audio Agentz
Produced and Mixed by Jaswho?
Courtesy of TMG Records

"Shoe Heist"
"Funky Escape"
"Ron's Dub"
"Head to Head"
"Showcase Showdown"
Written and Performed by Jaswho?
Produced and Mixed by Jaswho?
Courtesy of Soulmine Records

"Balzan Groove"
"Laconic Granny"
"Flighty Theme"
"Kool Kats"
"Danse Macabre Hits"
by Kevin Macleod (

"Savage in Me"
Written by Frank Novicki and Suzanne Ramsey
Performed by Suzanne Ramsey as Kitten on the Keys
Courtesy of Frank Novicki and Suzanne Ramsey

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